Our selection of high-quality materials

Timeless, original, and outstanding, we provide the right materials and products to suit your personal tastes and needs, whatever they may be. Our various range of samples includes:

  • Clay: Moroccan bathroom tiles and slabs, playful, oriental, and exceptional
  • Fabrics/natural fibres: for exclusive and cosy surroundings
  • Ceramics: porcelain tiles for floors and walls, large slabs and tiles for designing spacious rooms
  • Glass: sliding doors, dressing rooms, glass showers
  • Colours, seamlessly tinted concrete, coloured walls
  • Leather: sofas, leather floor coverings, leather tiles
  • Artificial stone: freestanding bathtubs and shower trays, mounted sinks
  • Cement: floor/wall slabs
  • Timber: solid fine-wood floors, parquet floors, wall panels, sliding doors
  • Metal: stairs, metal kitchens, conservatories